We are also well versed in SEO: search engine optimized translations

Here at the Apostroph Group, we not only speak 48 of the world’s languages but also SEO. Entrust us with your advertising texts and benefit from improved rankings in search engines, higher click rates and longer visits to your website.

In the modern world of business, everyone is talking about Internet with SEO. However, what exactly does this involve? The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is understood to be measures which result in a website being placed as high up the list of search engine results as possible (without paying for Google Ads) and thus being found quicker. Plus the fact that when a page is clicked on, the reader also stays on it for longer: an important factor for corporate success in the modern digital world.

It should be said right from the start that the Internet giant Google, for example, continuously changes its ranking requirements. So it comes as no surprise that there are no universally applicable and conclusive rules and manuals on SEO. The only thing that is clear is that in spite of big promises made by SEO advisers, they are no better than anyone else. And because this is the case, in principle everyone is also always about as clued-up as everyone else. It is just important that you are aware that search engine optimization (SEO) never ends and regularly starts from the beginning again.

But don’t worry:

We at the Apostroph Group will stick at it for you and speak SEO for you in all of the world’s major languages.

SEO – the magical language of digital marketing so to speak – is based on keywords among other things. In website texts, they are the key to ensuring that your company’s website can be found easily on the dynamic and ever-growing World Wide Web. However, where good search engine optimized texts are concerned, it is not simply a case of adding individual keywords. It is more a case of describing the company’s own service profile and product range as clearly and unambiguously as possible. The amount of content and the detailed description of various topics which define a company or organisation are also essential in order to appear at the very top of the list of the relevant search engines.

When it comes to programming the website, a professional partner is required from the planning stage onwards because the programming structure must already be based on SEO logic. Do not allow yourself to be blinded by grandiose promises when looking for the right service provider but rather rely on proven industry leaders.

Although a visually well-designed website is all very well, that alone does not make it anywhere near SEO-suitable. You should therefore always give more weight to SEO than to the layout.

Good SEO texts are more likely to be lengthy (depending on the industry and search intentions) and provide readers with the main website content and further interesting and helpful input so that they spend a long time on the site. “Do good and talk about it” is a common German saying. Take it to heart: you have something to say so don’t be afraid to speak verbosely!

In principle, the following applies: SEO is a top priority for any company. No external copywriter can write good, successful search engine optimized texts (texts according to SEO guidelines) without receiving the necessary input. Important information on target markets, customer groups, etc. have to come from the management floor.

Perhaps you already have translations and would like us to check the existing keywords? Or have you revised your original texts and would like to transfer the changes to the foreign language? Or would you like to receive professional advice and then tackle your original texts? Whatever the case may be: you are in good hands with us. SEO, Internet, website (webpage), online, marketing, content and search engine: we speak all languages!

As soon as you have allowed these fundamental findings to flow into the planning of your website – whether it be a new or revamped website – we from the Apostroph Group will gladly get involved. We will accompany you on the road to SEO optimized texts in all desired languages and ensure that your products and services enjoy greater and better worldwide visibility.

Keyword for keyword and step by step

The ball is in your court first:


  • create your new texts – we will be happy to advise your marketing department too

  • provide us with keywords and synonyms

  • define the target audience and

  • specify subject groups (in the case of existing texts by providing links to your existing website)

Now it is our turn:


  • validate the keywords and synonyms and compare them to the benchmark

  • provide you with feedback

  • translate the keywords and synonyms into the language(s) requested by you

  • validate the translated keywords

  • revise them and

  • subject them to another review

Once your website texts with the embedded keywords have been translated by our proven specialist translators who are very familiar with SEO, we send out the search engine optimized texts for comparative proofreading: during this process, the translation is compared to the source text by a second suitably qualified native speaker. He or she checks compliance with SEO-specific terminology, regional differences (localisation) and addressee-appropriate tone and language. This final linguistic quality check is particularly important: the more accurately you address your intended target group, the better they will feel on your website – and the more trust they will place in both you and your products and services.

Last but not least we analyse the texts using software called “Searchmetrics”: we have a full licence for this software, with which keywords and search criteria can be validated for Google Switzerland. To that end, your SEO-optimized Web texts are fed into the software and assessed in real time. Thanks to this comprehensive check of your website, you have a guarantee that you will get the best out of your Internet presence.

Is SEO exactly what you need? Then contact us for further information. Our members of staff in the offices in Bern, Lausanne, Lucerne and Zurich would be happy to be of help. Your Web projects are in the best possible hands with us. Nobody is lost in translation with us!

As a Swiss translation agency, not only are we familiar with linguistic nuances, we also attach great importance to regularly exchanging ideas with you – whether in person on site or over the telephone. Swiss company, Swiss quality – certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100.